A Church Without Walls

We seek to reach the people in our community so that we can reach the lost in the world.

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Each week we come together to praise and honor our great and incomparable God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we worship Jesus Christ, the source of our hope and the Savior of all who trust Him. We hope you join us at a weekend service and consider making us your church family. Our goal is to seek to know Him more and become more like Him.

Most Recent Sermon Series - The Story of David

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The Powerful and the Weak

What’s the most powerful thing you’ve ever encountered? Something so powerful that it made your heart leap out of your chest as you came to grips with just how small you were in comparison to it? I want you to take a moment and get that picture into your...
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It’s About Time! Part 1

“Nobody can manage time. It keeps moving at a consistent rate, no matter what any of us does. What we manage is ourselves, our attitudes, boundaries, and cushions.”   – Breathless, Gary R. Collins Let’s take a look at Jesus and a parallel look at ourselves in...
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Heartbreaking News In Dallas

There’s heartbreaking news today as we learn of 12 Dallas police officers being shot, 5 of them fatally during a protest rally in downtown Dallas last night. This assault on those who risk their lives to preserve our freedom is shocking and repulsive. It’s a reminder...
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How Children Become True Champions

  In his book Game On: The All-American Race to Make Champions of Our Children, Tom Farrey warns parents about the excessive pressure they can put on their kids to succeed. Farrey writes: There are 12-year-olds driving race cars. Eleven-year-olds are turning pro...
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Overcome Sexual Sin

Studies show that pornography is an increasing challenge for many believers. This includes women, who may succumb to the temptation to lust. There’s a progressive nature to sexual sin. In his book Wired for Intimacy, Christian psychologist William M. Struthers lists...
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