Our thanks to all of you who gave generously to support hurricane relief in south Texas! Gifts dedicated to this effort totaled $8330. In addition, our missions committee has earmarked $6000 from the missions budget for this purpose. This means that BridgeWay will be sending a check in the amount of $14,830 to churches in south Texas to assist in recovery and reconstruction! We are so grateful for your participation in this special endeavor to minister in the name of Christ to victims of the floods.

Further, a team of six BridgeWay members left on Monday to help those devastated by the hurricane. Allen Bell, one of our elders, leads a team of David and Tish Osuna, Richard Vanderhoek, Robin Chenault, and George Breitler. This group is working closely with the Needville Community Church in gutting the house of a first responder in the area, and the house of the first responder’s mother. Once this demo work is done, the houses are prepared for remodeling and reconstruction. We so appreciate the sacrifice of time and effort by this team, as this is very difficult work.

May God be praised for the continued response of so many to the plight of those who have suffered because of this disaster. Thank you, BridgeWay family, for your willingness to make a difference in the name of Christ!