Church is a Battleship

A lot of people think of church in the same way they think of a cruise ship: they think they call the shots. They ask these questions:

*Do I like the music they play in the ballroom?

*Do I like the captain and his staff?

*Do I get good service, and are my needs met?

*Is my cruise pleasant and comfortable?

*Do I like the experience enough to sail with you again?

In other words, it’s all about them. They want a church community that meets their preferences, fits their tastes, and caters to their desires. This is what someone has dubbed the ‘me’ church. The ‘me’ church is the result of religious consumerism—I’ll shop around until I find a church that does what I want it to do and tailors its ministry around me. The church is seen as a cruise ship that dispenses religious goods and services according to the wants of the passenger.

But when you choose to follow Jesus, you realize the church is a battleship. You ask a different set of questions:

*Is the ship flying the right flag and fighting for a clear and noble mission?

*Do the members of the crew understand that they’re not here for themselves, but others?

*Does each member of the crew have a clear understanding of his or her assignment?

*Is each individual given an opportunity to contribute in a significant way to the mission?

*Does every member realize that Christ is the commanding officer?

God’s church is involved in spiritual warfare against Satan. It is not a venue for pacifying the desires of the people onboard—it is comprised of soldiers who understand the severity of the enemy and the importance of each person carrying out his or her responsibility. Crew members understand it is not about ‘me’—it is about Christ!

This is crucial to our One Focus initiative. Each believer is called to do his part to engage the darkness. Each believer is asked to identify his ‘One’ and to pray for that person’s soul.

2 Timothy 2:4 says, “No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.” I hope you are asking God to reveal your ‘One’ and that you are prepared to join in the fight for lost people—because lost people matter to God!