Are You Ready To Go All In?

Going “All In” means making the choice to bet everything you have on God! It means making the choice to follow Christ rather than following the world.

Making wise decisions is critical to your future. A few years ago, a researcher asked 100 American and Japanese college students to take a piece of paper. On one side, they wrote down the decisions in life they would like to make for themselves. On the other, they wrote the decisions they would like to pass on to others. The Americans filled up the side for decisions they want to decide for themselves. Where to live. What job to take. The other side was almost blank. The only “decision” they commonly wanted to hand off to others was, “When I die.” The Japanese filled up the back side of the sheet with things they wanted others to decide: what they wore; what time they woke up; what they did at their job. The Americans desired choice in four times more domains than the Japanese. Based on this experiment, New York Times columnist David Brooks claims America is experiencing “a choice explosion.” Brooks writes, “Americans now have more choices over more things than any other culture in human history. We can choose between a broader array of foods, media sources, lifestyles, and identities.” In some ways this is a positive trend, but Brooks also cautions that it is “becoming incredibly important to learn to decide well.”

Your decisions determine your destiny. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story of the bags of gold (the parable of the talents). A master gives three servants money: one servant receives 5 bags, another 2, and another 1. The master leaves and then returns to see what each servant has done with his money, his opportunity. The first has doubled his, the second has doubled his, but the third has wimped out and buried his bag of gold in the ground. He has been a lazy steward of what the master has given him. In the story, the master calls the third servant wicked. That might seem harsh to us, but it punctuates the significance of using what we have for God. The importance of going all in for God.

The man who buried his bag of gold wasn’t willing to go all in. He wasn’t willing to gamble on God. He didn’t even ante up. That’s the point of the parable: faith is pushing all of your chips to the middle of the table. You can’t hedge your bet by setting aside one or two chips. It’s all or nothing.

Are you ready to go all in?