BridgeWay Student Ministry Ecuador Mission Trip

I was one of 18 people from BridgeWay who went to Quito, Ecuador on an evangelistic and humanitarian mission trip. We headed out on the twenty-first of July to begin what many of us would consider a life changing trip.  

     I believe one of the hardest things God called us to do was empty ourselves of what we believed to be important so that He could fill us with what was priceless. All of us had to step out of our comfort zones. Sometimes conversations could get awkward or even frustrating. But we eventually came to the realization that it wasn’t our job to save the people we talked to. God will do that on his own, he is simply using us as a vessel of hope for the people of Quito. God’s love is certainly stronger than any disbelief we may have encountered and I know this for a fact: we never met a single person that God did not love! Even if it seemed like a conversation went nowhere, we never know what God could do with it. Sometimes, people might just need someone to reach out, to form a meaningful relationship with them. Jesus didn’t confront Zacchaeus about this practices, he just offered a relationship. It was an important lesson we learned: to have faith in God’s perfect plan.

      “When you pray for someone, you are offering them the most pure kind of love.”  Part of our job while in Quito was: to be the one who nurtured the people who felt overcome by grief, to be the one who had an understanding and forgiving heart to the people overwhelmed by shame, to share the story of hope to those who felt hopeless. Some of the people we encountered had never had someone pray for them by name. I don’t believe that we can change the world by going to church… but I do believe that we can change lives by being the church.

     “God is not looking for extraordinary, exceptionally gifted people, just laid-down lovers of Jesus who will carry His glory with transparency & not take it for themselves.”

Katie Branson