we meet Sundays
9:30am & 11am

what to expect

When you first arrive we will ask you for a little information about your child such as their age, allergy or medical information. Once we gather that information you will be given a name tag for your child and a parent tag that has a matching number. A Bridge Kids volunteer will then take you to your child’s classroom so you can meet the teacher and we can help transition your child into class. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, we will post the number that is listed on your parent tag onto the screen in the lower portion of the screen. 

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nursery & toddlers

Our Nursery and Toddler rooms provide a safe and loving environment for children ages 4-23 months. Our volunteers are committed to making your child’s first experience at church a positive one. Biblical truths are introduced to the children through songs, active play and more.

preschool & elementary

In Bridge Kids your child will experience both a large group and small group time. In Large Group, the kids will have a time of engaging Worship, high energy games, and they will be presented with the weekly Bible story in a memorable and exciting way. Small Group time is when the kids dive in a little deeper to review the story and see how it applies to them through center play, crafts, games and more. We utilize the My First Look and 252 Basics curriculum, which is designed to move kids to love God by inciting wonder, love life by provoking discovery and love others by fueling their passion.

club 56

Club 56 is specifically designed for the 5th and 6th grader. Being a preteen is hard, and these years are so important in your child’s faith development that we felt we cannot miss out on helping them answer the tough questions they are starting to have about God. These are the years that they will start to feel more pressure, they will start noticing the opposite sex and they will be trying to figure out their identity. We want to help them know that their identity is in Christ. Club 56 includes a time of worship, Bible story, games and a time of small group discussion.

find us

8201 FM 407
Copper Canyon TX, 75077



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