God Is Our Refuge

Sometimes we imagine that the big characters of the bible didn’t have struggles. We almost conceive of them as superhuman, impervious to any real challenges. If anyone in the bible disproves this, it is David. The Psalms are crammed with David’s cries to God for help. David wrestles with his faith. Why has God seemed to abandon me? Why do my enemies have it so good when things are so bad for me? David is completely candid about his times of ambivalence and stress before God.

In Psalm 62, David is facing some heavy-duty troubles. He was reduced to silence. He just decided to wait in silence for God. No other counsel could help him. Nothing but the reality of God as his refuge and redeemer would console him. David wants to remind himself that the only true help he can ever find in the world is God. That he must never put his faith in any one except God. It’s easy for us to look to other sources: people, programs, self-help books, advice columns, Oprah, Dr. Phil, or even our favorite preacher. But must never turn to anyone except God. God has to be our chosen object of faith. David reminds us in Psalm 62:8, “Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is our refuge.” When God seems to be hiding, it’s hard to trust Him. We want easy answers and quick solutions. We want bandaids to cover our deepest wounds. But He is there—and he will respond!

Let me encourage you to get alone with God and get honest with God. Don’t try to hide your true feelings. Let Him know exactly what’s on your heart. Ask Him to heal the wound that you carry, even if you still show the scars of your experience. God doesn’t call us to live in denial about our hurts. He calls us to take our deepest wounds to him and to know that He cares!