Hanna’s Story of Hope

What an incredible blessing it was to go to Asia with Randi this year on a Let’s Start Talking project!  This was her third year and my first.  LST provides an effective way to read the Bible with native people who are eager to practice English with an American.

Hanna was a new reader and very challenging with her level of English.  Our initial sessions were frustrating, but she kept coming and reading ahead in her LST workbook as I could see from the number of notes in Chinese she made.  She asked if there might be a local Chinese-English speaking contact who could join us.  We were also reading with a long-time LST reader Charlene, who was about to “go swimming” so we asked if she might be available.  Charlene was eager to help, joined the readings, and become friends quickly with Hanna.

At the end of my 2 weeks, Hanna told me that before we arrived she had nothing to believe in…no hope.  What is the purpose of life?  But now she has hope!  Praise God!

Our latest report from the church leaders is that Hanna is a strong seeker and attends weekly study groups.

Ron Eakin