Hurricane Harvey Offering

This Sunday, 25% of our regular offering will be dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you have already written your offering check and want to do more to help, please feel free to write another check and drop it in the offering basket. You can also give to hurricane assistance on the BridgeWay church app. Our donations will be sent to two churches that are struggling to assist their own members and members of their communities: Creekside Christian Fellowship in Needville, and CoastPointe Church in Dickenson.

In addition, volunteers are needed to assist with gutting and cleaning up houses that have been flooded. In the event BridgeWay sends a team, here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • A volunteer coordinator is essential (if you are willing to lead a team, please contact Art McNeese asap)
  • The work is messy and dirty (updated tetanus shot necessary, masks and gloves required). Sewage and mold may be present. This will be very difficult work.
  • Likely schedule: travel on Labor Day (Monday) and begin work on Tuesday of this week. These homes must be gutted immediately or they may not be salvaged.
  • Number of volunteers needed: 10-15