Let’s Start Talking: Alexa’s Story

Let’s Start Talking provides an effective way to read the Bible with native people who are eager to practice English with an American.  While on a mission trip to Asia with LST, Alexa was one of my most challenging readers.  Her level of English often made our sessions difficult and frustrating for her.  But she never missed our daily appointments, travelling an hour each way, plus doing a couple of hours of homework each day in her LST workbook.

God is so amazing as I saw Him work in her heart, understanding, and faith.  She believed the virgin birth of Jesus with no prior access to the Gospel story.  Close to the end of the two weeks I read with her the parable of the Prodigal Son.  When we discussed how much God loves her, I saw a complete change in her countenance!  She quickly grabbed her phone for her Chinese-to-English translation, typed on it, and held her phone up.  The word was Epiphany!

I am reminded and inspired by how powerful it can be just reading the Word of God.  You can see and feel His Spirit in the room when you are reading with open hearts (good soil).

Alexa has become a strong seeker, attending church.  The church leaders anticipate that she will become a believer soon.