Like A Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor…..

I simply love fall! I appreciate the cooler weather, the fact that patio dining is now an option at a restaurant, and my air conditioning does not have to run 24/7. I love that more of my neighbors are outside and it seems to be a time for more fellowship opportunities. It’s a great time for planting seeds and I am not just talking about the seeds for your yard.
Fall brings us a great opportunity as Christians to be a light in our neighborhood.

Host a Block Party: Why not plan a block party for your neighborhood? Rent a bounce house, pull out the jumbo jenga, corn hole games, grill up some hot dogs and have some fun! We are blessed with great sites like where you can easily get the word out. You can even mark that your house is participating in handing out candy or treats on the 31st on the site.

Travel as a Team: One of my daughter’s favorite memories was that each year all of the neighborhood kids traveled together to trick or treat. Most of the time the men traveled with the kids and the wives stayed in the front yard, talked and passed out candy. Some great friendships and connections were made during those times.

Bring it Outside: Pull out your lawn chairs and your big bowl of candy and pass it out from the yard or curb. This enables you to greet everyone as they pass by. Many adults stand at the end of the walkway and simply watch their kids go to the door. This way, you can introduce yourself.

Do Something for the Parents: Why not have some apple cider, coffee or hot cocoa for the adults as they come with their kids to get candy! If it is hot, fill an ice chest and offer them a soda or water bottle. They will appreciate your efforts.

Label it Up: At BridgeWay Church we had some labels created that can be wrapped around a full size candy bar that include our service times and location. Why not invite your neighbors to join you at church some Sunday!

Reverse Trick or Treating: To help your kids learn more about thinking of others, why not encourage them to put together some bags of candy or cookies of their own? As they go door to door to receive candy, they can also pass out some of their own prepared treats. Retirement or Assisted Living places are also great places to reverse trick or treat. Senior adults love kids! Why not put together some bags of hand lotion, warm socks or sugar free candy to pass out. You can even put an encouraging Bible verse on the treats to brighten their day.

I hope these ideas can possibly help you connect better with those that God has placed in your neighborhood. He has called us to fellowship with one another.