Mission Trip: 8 new believers baptized!

What an incredible privilege it was to be in Asia again for my third trip in 2016! At the end of our second week, we witnessed the baptism of 8 new believers on June 9, 2016, including a lady who had read with Ernestine and Ron beforehand. One of those baptized was a man with whom I had read for 2 weeks during the summer of 2014.

Having my husband join me for the first 2 weeks of this year’s June project was indescribably wonderful, especially as he characterized his experience as “life-changing”. God was SO good to us both this year! We read with a great couple with whom Dave and Ernestine had already formed a close relationship and we also feel that we will be friends for life with them. After Ron left, God provided another great partner for me, Diane Davis, from The Hills, who carried on the work with Ron’s readers in a great way.

What is also impressive is the way God is building up His church with just the right people in a city of 7 million. A lady with whom Ron read (who was baptized while we were there) relayed to me the news that another lady with whom I read at least 2 or 3 days per week for 4 weeks (“Nancy”) has just been baptized on September 16! It’s exciting to see the level of their own excitement for the conversion of people who have become their friends through the bonding experience that LST and its associated activities initiate.

I still communicate with almost every one of our readers weekly on a social media platform they can access (as well as other readers from previous years) and consider each one as a precious Christian-in-the making. We are grateful for the technology that enables us to continue to foster our relationships with these precious souls, despite the physical and cultural distances that separate us.

Several other of our readers have been described as “strong seekers;” the influence of God’s Word on the lives of families continues with ripple effect. God deserves all the honor!

Randi Eakin