Pan’s Story: It’s A Family Thing!

What an incredible blessing it was to go to on a mission trip to Asia with Randi this year on a Let’s Start Talking project!  This was her third year and my first.  LST provides an effective way to read the Bible with native people who are eager to practice English with an American.

Pan is a successful business man who also read with David Tillman before I arrived.  He was quite fluent in English.  We read and communicated very well.  Pan was very intellectual.  Our discussions often strayed from what “I thought” we should focus on in the Gospel, to business, governments, and social differences in our cultures.  But he was dedicated to making our daily sessions, studied ahead in his LST workbook, and always came with questions.  He was grateful.  He, his wife, and their two sons took us to dinner twice.  At our 2 week LST Party, Pan’s wife told Randi that she was seeing changes in him and she liked it.  After my 2 weeks, Diane Davis from The Hills joined Randi and read with Pan.  He asked her if we could send teen Bibles for his sons.

Isaiah 55:11  The Word of God will not return empty.

Our latest report from the church leaders is “Pan became a believer!  He has one-on-one studies with the local missionary.  He, his wife, and two sons are attending the church. ” This is a testament to the way God moves not only in LST readers but families.

Ron Eakin