Paul: A Man on a Mission

Other than Jesus Christ, it could be argued that no one has ever changed the world more than the apostle Paul. Paul was a man obsessed! He went from being Christianity’s greatest opponent to Christianity’s greatest proponent. Paul was willing to go anywhere and do anything to advance the gospel. He was committed to Christ in every way.

My recent trip to Greece reminded me of Paul’s fierce loyalty to Christ and to the mission of sharing Christ. Paul traveled over 10,000 miles on his three missionary journeys to ensure that others would know about Christ—many of those miles on foot! He reached out to people of every nationality and socioeconomic background. He endured every kind of hardship—floggings, stoning, shipwrecks and snakebites. He employed every kind of strategy—shrewdly adapting his methods so that the message could be understood in different cultures. He confronted every kind of false god. Because of Paul’s commitment, every part of the known world was changed!

Our mission as a church is the same as Paul’s—connecting to God, connecting to others, and connecting others to God. We need the same love for God that motivated Paul to go everywhere telling others about Christ. We need the same dependence on the Holy Spirit that enabled Paul to persevere through resistance and opposition. We need the same grace that emboldened Paul to put in a good word for Jesus wherever he went.

This Sunday, I begin a new series about Paul—Man on a Mission. We’ll join Paul on his second missionary journey to discover the secrets of his world-changing outreach. This study dovetails perfectly with the beginning of our Summer XP—as our students learn about Paul, the Travelin’ Man. I am inspired by Paul’s example—and I think you will be, too!