Propel Conference

Conference designed to help parents propel their children to walk in obedience to God

Saturday, September 7th
8:30am-12:00pm, $10 per family, Breakfast included
Childcare provided up to 4th grade (must register for childcare by September 2nd)

The moment you become a parent you quickly learn the staunch reality that parenting is hard. Every phase of our kid’s lives comes with new challenges and it is hard to keep up with how the ever-changing world around us is influencing them. Then add on top of that trying to teach them how to be followers of God amidst a fallen and sinful world. It’s overwhelming. And that is why we created Propel. It is our desire to help you propel your kids to walk in obedience to God.

This year’s Propel Conference will focus on the effects of electronics and “screen-time” on your kid’s/teen’s development and how to navigate parenting in light of this.

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Stephanie Cook, LPC
Dr. Cook is a therapist and speaker in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Her work has reached thousands of young people, their families, and practitioners.  Whether working with people individually or speaking to a crowd, she is known to make complex research and topics easy and accessible for her audience.  With a background in counseling psychology and research, she works to ensure that her work is relevant with the latest research in the mind-body connection, communication, behavioral health, and mental wellness.

8:30am   – Breakfast | Chick-fil-A
8:45am   – Session 1 | Detective Orry Jenkins, FMPD
9:35am   – Session 2 | Dr. Stephanie Cook, LPC
11:00am – Breakout 1
11:30am – Breakout 2

Breakout Speakers
Kyle & Lizzy Cunningham – Parenting through Marriage
Scotty Sanders – The R.E.A.L. Parent
Will Warfel – TBD
Tim Williams – Leveraging Your Time

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