Reasons, Expectations, and Fruit

Last May, I made a trip to China for the very first time.  I had wanted to make the trip for awhile, but didn’t for reasons that seem pretty insignificant now that the trip is completed.  My family wouldn’t be able to make it 10 days without me. There was too much work that needed constant attention. There were too many projects (personal and professional) still incomplete.  These were the things that I told myself.  Then our friends that live in China came for a visit to the U.S. and God made himself clear.  It was time to go. Our reasons for pushing God’s calling aside are always less significant than we think they are.

Our group made plans to travel, and our goal was similar in part to groups that have gone ahead of us.  We planned to teach others to improve their English and to lead a weekend conference about dating & marriage and music.  That seems like a small set of tasks, but, just as before, God continued to make himself clear.  If we are open to it and listen for it, God will reveal himself to us.  Our expectation of what God can do with us is usually smaller than what he will actually do with us.

After jet lag had worn off, we hit the ground running.  In addition to the previously mentioned tasks, we took on extra teaching roles at group meetups, led impromptu sessions of musical teaching, spoke in large group settings, visited with people in their homes, and even found time to perform a set of music in a local coffeehouse.  The work was tiring and we all felt the fatigue of going strong all day every day for most of the time that we were there.  But we didn’t dare stop doing what we were doing.  We didn’t stop because the fruit that God was producing through his people was so evident.  As we pushed aside our reasons and our expectations, the work of the Gospel was accomplished.

What is God calling you to accomplish?  What might be your reasons for not accomplishing it?  Don’t be afraid to follow God in a way that lays down insignificant things.  Don’t be afraid to follow God in a way that lays down human expectations.  Then, experience the fruit of God’s kingdom on earth.