My wife Holly had been driving a van that gave us all kinds of trouble. In the middle of 104 degree heat in Dallas, the air conditioning system was blowing hot air. So after spending hundreds of dollar to try and fix it, we thought, maybe it’s time to look for something more reliable. So we picked up the van and set out for the used car dealer. We were driving north on I 35 and we noticed steam billowing from beneath the hood. Fluids and coolant were flying all over the front of the van and onto the highway. We pulled up into the parking lot of the dealership with our van coughing up a massive pool of water and fluid. We were right in front of the big showroom window. I threw the van into reverse, trying to get out of the salesman’s line of vision. I pulled over to a parking space off to the side, thinking maybe I could play it tough anyway. Then the salesman came out to lead us to a car. He shot the skunk eye at the rivers of fluids surrounding our lovely van. You could see exactly where we had driven through their pristine lot because soaking tire tracks and puddles of coolant gave us away. And I am thinking, this is not exactly the best time to ask about the trade-in value of our vehicle! I mean, we’re driving up with a van that obviously has some kind of major flaw or defect. Who in the world would want to purchase a van with these kinds of problems? Who would want to buy a van in this condition?

Later, it occurred to me: the same thing could have been said about Jesus’ purchase of us. Why would Jesus have been willing to purchase us? People with all kinds of flaws and defects and problems? Why would he want to buy with his blood people in such horrible condition? The answer, of course, is his love. Because even with all of our flaws, Jesus sees us as people of great worth. Jesus loved you so much he was willing to pay any price. And the ultimate price that He paid was being abandoned by the Father.

This what it means to be redeemed. Christ purchased our freedom from sin and death through the price of his blood. What a debt we owe the One who gave His all for us!