Our Story


BridgeWay Church, like all of God’s churches, began first in the mind of God. God knew that we would come to plant a church in the Flower Mound area long before we did. God was working in Denton County years before we arrived.

But at a human level, the vision for a church plant came to Art and Holly McNeese in 2005. After working in an established ministry for a number of years, they felt called by God to launch a new church. Research showed that 66% of Denton County residents have no church affiliation, well above the national average of 50%. Realizing that the county had so many people who were unchurched and who did not know Christ, Art made the decision to begin a church designed to reach lost people.

Art and Holly received their training for church-planting through Stadia, a church planting organization based in California. After the training was complete, they moved to Flower Mound in the summer of 2005. The first meetings were held in the Flower Mound Town Hall, with about 40 people in attendance. BridgeWay held its first public worship assembly in February of 2006 at Celebrations, a banquet facility in Highland Village.

BridgeWay is a nondenominational church. The New Testament doesn’t describe denominations, but merely the body of Christ meeting in different locations to worship and serve and share Christ with others. BridgeWay has no denominational hierarchy but is led by a body of elders, otherwise known as shepherds. These spiritual leaders, like those described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, serve as the spiritual overseers of the members.

In March of 2010 BridgeWay purchased its first facility on FM 407, just west of the Chinn Chapel soccer fields. The church grew rapidly, with an increase of 33% in attendance within the next two years. Once the existing facility was outgrown, plans were made to build a larger building, and a capital campaign was launched in November of 2011. BridgeWay moved into its new worship center and education facility in August of 2013.

The vision of BridgeWay is to be a church without walls. This means that we are defined not primarily by what happens on Sunday mornings (though we love our worship times!) but by what happens outside the four walls all during the week. We place a high priority on serving the community and connecting with those who don’t know Christ. A church without walls also means that there are no barriers that might unnecessarily keep anyone outside fellowship. Barriers of race, nationality, economic status, church pedigree, and spiritual background are not hurdles at BridgeWay. Our hope is to be an accepting fellowship. We like to say, “Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are.” This means that we will accept you where you are but always challenge you to grow to maturity in Christ.

God has done an amazing work in our short history! We look forward to the future as we pray for His continued blessing and His power to be unleashed in our community and across the world!