What Makes You So Special?

specialIn preparing for our Summer Camp this year, I ran across a blurb from one of the pre-camp quiet times that really struck me as true:

Numerous things set the human race apart from animals — written language, technology, art,taxes, emojis, etc. Of all the things I could list, though, only one differential truly matters in the eternal scheme of things: faith. Faith is the confidence or trust in something that lacks certainty or tangible proof.

While the animal kingdom has no need for or even concept of “faith,” humanity can’t seem to operate without it. Faith in what can’t be seen or verified causes a person to take what objectively might appear to be foolish steps because the heart and gut deems those actions to be utterly rational despite any “evidence.” We see people all around us placing their faith in people and things that will eventually fail, like politicians, sports teams, stocks and even loved ones. Faith is only rewarded perfectly every time when placed in people who are perfect and never fail.

Abram (you might know him better as “Abraham”) put his faith in God to a serious test, and eventually the whole world was rewarded. Read where it all started in Genesis 12:1-4.

From: Student Life Pre-Camp Quiet Time 2016

Genesis 12 said that it was because Abram BELIEVED God, that he was credited as righteous; that he was saved; that he was set apart and the whole world was blessed through him.  It was Faith, that made him special.

The truth of the matter is that while each of us are created uniquely and different, it isn’t those things that actually make us special. It’s not the fact that you can close a business deal with the best of them, or that you have a better understanding of quantum physics than 99% of humankind that makes you special. It’s not the fact that you are a great athlete, or that you are able to make millions on Wall Street that makes you special.  It’s not even the fact that you do incredible things for charities or non-profits, or that you volunteer weekly at a local homeless shelter that makes you special.

What makes you special is the moment you place your faith in God. It’s what made the first man Adam special, it’s what made Abraham, the father of Israel (ancestor of Jesus), special, It’s what made Jesus special as he died and was raised again, and it’s what makes you and I special. God is calling you and I to step out in faith to trust him… In all areas of your life.  Because when he created us, THAT is what he placed in us that made us unique. The ability to have Faith in something.

So place your faith in God today. The only one who has the ability to come through for you and offer you real salvation in Him.