Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

A new Wonder Woman movie is releasing in June, and my house is ready to take in some super-hero action.  Our family enjoys super-hero stories from movies, television, and comic books.  I think we can all agree that these stories are entertaining, and the heroes depicted, though flawed at times, have an air of nobility to them.  As we anticipate the new Wonder Woman movie, we’ve started to notice a few things about this particular hero.  My son asked me last week if Wonder Woman is able to fly.  If you know the answer to this question, then you know that it could be difficult to describe to a 3 year old.  My daughter runs around the house wearing a Wonder Woman tiara.  Also, if you happen to watch the current Supergirl series like my wife and I do (ssshhh don’t tell anyone!), you may or may not have noticed that the actress who plays the US president is Lynda Carter, who also played as Wonder Woman in the iconic late 70s television series.

All of the excitement building got me to thinking about an important tool that Wonder Woman carries regularly throughout the comics, movies, and TV.  Wonder Woman has a lasso.  Not just any lasso, but a lasso that compels anyone caught in it to be truthful.  According to Wikipedia, the idea for this lasso was loosely based on the polygraph (or lie detector) machine, and came from William Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator.  This lasso is intriguing, and if we look at if from a spiritual perspective, has implications for our relationship with God.  Before you ask, no, God doesn’t have a lasso of truth that he uses to coerce obedience out of people.  I would encourage you to think of it this way: when we submit ourselves to following Jesus, we willingly step into the lasso of truth.  When we begin the journey of being a Christ follower, it is a commitment to take on the character of Christ.  That character is fully yielded to God, much like those caught in Wonder Woman’s golden rope.

Living in truth, though it can be difficult at times, is always better than living a lie.  The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the free will option to choose to step into the truth on a daily basis.  Whether you are a Christian or not, the offer is the same.  When you find yourself in the truth of God regularly, you’ll learn the truth about his love for you.  Beyond that, you’ll learn that he not only loves us, but that he is love (1 John 4:8).