Worship Begins With A Story

What’s your story? When we are asked that question, many of us could probably come up with a few different answers depending on what day it is or what kind of mood we are in. We all have unique experiences in our lives that have shaped us in one way or another. These experiences have shaped our personality, our outlook, even our attitude from day to day. I’ve asked myself this question before: Is there any connection between my story and worship? We all have things or people in our life that we assign priority to, or worship. As much as those things are a part of our lives, they are a part of our story. So the answer, I believe, is yes.


For Christians, a lot of people consider their “story” to be synonymous with their “testimony”. I think this is a good thing because it illustrates how God should be a part of a Christian’s everyday life. But even deeper than God being a part of day to day life, is the way God begins to guide the lives of those who place their faith in Him. A person’s relationship with God becomes so close that their victories become God’s victories, and more importantly, God’s victories become theirs. Romans 8:17 describes how Christians share in the suffering and in the glory of Jesus Christ.


When that close relationship happens, the fruit of the relationship is worship. Disappointments, blessings, questions, prayers, frustrations, and joy are just a few of the components that we can offer to God in worship when we have a close connection to Him. Worship begins with a story. The story is about Jesus Christ and his love for all humanity. Many know and believe this story. For those who do, worship becomes a practice of weaving your personal story and the story of Christ together.


So, what’s your story? What are some of your a major disappointments in your life? What are some of your major victories? In all of the experiences of your life that make up your story, can you say with certainty that those experiences are shared with God? For those of us who have our stories intertwined with the story of God, we are encouraged to expose others to the comfort, peace during struggle, forgiveness, and hope that comes as part of a life lived with God.


For those who don’t quite have their story figured out yet, I would encourage you to seek for understanding from God. Even if you aren’t a believer, pray for the ability to understand what life with God is like. When you do, it’s entirely possible that you will learn that God has been a part of your story much longer that you realized.