BridgeWay Student Ministry


Here at BridgeWay, we are determined to do everything in our power to help students build an authentic faith in Jesus Christ that will last the rest of their lives.

While that is something that is easy to say, it is an incredibly tough undertaking as multiple studies on Youth and Religion have shown that families and churches are failing at this more than they are succeeding.  Anywhere from 50 – 80% of Christian teenagers in the U.S. are abandoning their faith shortly after High School, and that is simply not ok.  It’s not that the things that we are teaching and the hours we’re investing in our students is bad; it’s that what we are doing isn’t getting through and creating the life change that our students need.

At BridgeWay, we are here to help families reverse this trend, and we do this through our principles.


We are determined to do everything in our power to help students build an authentic faith in Jesus Christ that will last the rest of their lives.


Students with the most highly developed faith come from homes where faith is a part of the family’s everyday life and discussed on a regular basis.  Parents are a major part of their children’s spiritual development.  BridgeWay is committed to providing resources and support to families to help with this spiritual formation as we come alongside them in this faith building journey.


While parents are primary to a student’s spiritual development, they are not the only important piece in this journey.  A child, before they graduate, will have at least 5 relationships with people that will greatly impact them in a good or bad way.  We will help families provide Christian mentors for their children to help impact their faith in a positive way.


We provide a place for students to be a part of a Christian community; a place to grow together, serve together, laugh together, and cry together.  BridgeWay is a community made up of all different ages and backgrounds united together in Christ.  Our students have so much to offer our church with their gifts, energy, and faith, and they are an integral part of our church community.


We have a heart for the lost.  There are people hurting, misplaced, abandoned, or seeking a purpose in life, and they have not heard about Christ.  We have Good News for these people.  As a student ministry, we are actively pursuing those who don’t know Christ, and we challenge each of our students to identify their one, pray for their one, and share the love of Christ to one specific person in his/her life.  It’s called One Focus.


God uses the Bible to speak to our hearts and to lead us through the Holy Spirit.  We want to create an atmosphere that helps people look to God for wisdom and guidance in all seasons of life.  The Bible is the foundation and starting point for everything we do and believe and it is an integral part of BridgeWay Church.

CONNECT Student Small Groups

Wednesday nights, 6:30-8:30pm in Main Worship Center
Every Wednesday night, our students have an opportunity to CONNECT with each other and God through a large & small group experience. Under the direction of caring adults, students get to practice the kind of loving relationships that Christ talks about. Anyone can come to one of our small groups – there’s no need to sign up or call first.