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At BridgeWay we consider it a privilege to share the Good News of Jesus with those who do not know Him. We help each member to find at least one place to help in this ministry. We are sharing the Good News of Jesus in our community, the surrounding counties, nationally and abroad.

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in our community

The cornerstone of missions at Bridgeway is One Focus Living. Every member is encouraged and trained to live on mission. This involves loving lost friends and neighbors, serving them, inviting them, and sharing the gospel when the opportunity arises.

surrounding counties

Samaritan Inn – We provide a meal once a month and serve it to homeless families and individuals in McKinney.  This is a great mission starter for families with children and students.

Salvation Army Women – Our members go twice monthly to the facility in Dallas to serve, love and teach women who are in transition from prison to society. Our members treat them to a banquet yearly. This is an excellent ministry for older teens and adult women.

Salvation Army Men – Twice monthly we conduct teaching sessions and enjoy fellowship with the men at the Dallas facility. Older male teens and men serve in this ministry.

Filling The Void Dallas – this is a street ministry to feed homeless people in areas near downtown Dallas. We pass out sack meals – with prayer, conversation, and support for those who need even basic help. Older teens and adults participate in this ministry.

Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) – We support several efforts of PT to provide scriptures to Bibleless peoples throughout the world. Here locally, we help with language surveys in areas of Dallas and Ft Worth with high refugee populations, assist with baby showers for refugee women, and support other local efforts by PBT as requested. This ministry is good for families and adults.


Restore Blanchard – This a church plant in Blanchard OK. We support them financially and with teams of our people who go on short-term mission trips to help them share Jesus in their community. Each July we help them with their Life Skills Camp. At other time we take crews to help with community and construction projects. This is a great short-term trip for families with older children and students.


We are thankful to be able to participate in international missions. We are the sending and supporting church for two families: Michael and Elisabeth Stathopulo in East Asia and Peter and Rie Vali in Athens, Greece. We partially support David and Sandi Stathopluo in East Asia, Andrew and Katie Brinley in Antalya, Turkey, Church Catalyst, and Aaron and Grace Ogburn in Milan, Italy (with Pioneer Bible Translators).

Church Catalyst exists to provide leadership training and support to pastors throughout the world. Through a recent effort, any national or international pastor who wants training, support and materials for One Focus Living is provided with all this free of charge. We are pleased to be able to provide financial support to make this ministry a reality.

short-term missions

East Asia – Adults and older teens go to share the gospel in one-on-one conversational English reading sessions. The book of Luke is used as the primary source of conversation. We partner with Let’s Start Talking for training, trip support, and fundraising. The local missionary families get all the readers and do all the follow-up.

East Asia: English Character Camp – This has proven to be a very good way to reach children, and their parents, as we go to assist with a week-long program for children. The English language is the draw. The Bible is the basis for all lessons taught. Older teens and adults are welcome to go on this trip.

Quito, Ecuador – This annual trip for older teens and adults has proven to be one of the most life-changing trips for our Bridgeway family. This effort involves going door-to-door in neighborhoods to engage the local people in gospel conversations and help them get connected to a local church. We also conduct free medical health screening clinics for people in the communities and share the gospel as they pass from station to station. We partner with NEXT Worldwide for training, trip support, and fundraising.

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