Today, I was thinking about our church. I thought I would share 3 things I love about BridgeWay… no Bible verses… just why I think our church is the bees knees… the cat’s pajamas… and just plain awesome.

  1. Our Vision

If someone asks me why I love BridgeWay, I always think about our vision: To be a church without walls. This statement means so many things to me, but I’ll limit myself to two.

First, our vision means that the true expression of the Church is realized when believers go into the world with the hope of the gospel. The ekklesia of the New Testament was never designed to be contained in a building once a week! It was a dynamic community of believers that lived together, loved one another, and shared their hope with everyone. No four walls could ever contain it the Church, properly understood.

Second, being a church without walls means that BridgeWay will work to remove barriers to faith. Sadly, many people see church as a place that they would never feel welcomed. Perhaps due to their sin, socioeconomic status, political views, or a number of other factors, they think that church is just not for them. I love that BridgeWay is a place where everyone is not only welcomed but loved. We know that we’re all flawed and desperately in need of grace.

  1. Our Mission

Connecting to God.

We’re a church that loves to worship together! Every week, people are excited to gather together in person. There are hundreds more than join us online. (You are with us in spirit and we miss seeing y’all in person!) Sunday is the best day of my week.

Connecting to Others.

At BridgeWay we value relationships. Community is the fuel for spiritual growth. We met with our group leaders last week and I was reminded of 1) how amazing our group leaders are (can I get an “amen”?!) and 2) how many relationships are anchored by groups! We need each other if we want to grow closed to Jesus.

Connecting Others to God.

I love our passion for sharing the gospel! Time and again, I get to hear that about your “Ones” and about the incredible work of our many outreach ministries. Each month I see the work Missions Leadership team is accomplishing. Internationally, the Valis and Haley McNeese continue to do amazing work. Just this week, Jake and Stacy sent out some exciting updates from Spain!

  1. Our People

I love our people. Yes, that means you! I’m so grateful for how you love one another, serve those in need, give generously, welcome people far from God, and follow Christ passionately. I could go on and on… Lizzy, Jack, Wes, Noah, and I are so blessed to be a part of this incredible family.

Grace and peace,