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We are in an exciting season as a church community! We want to celebrate the past while we prepare for what God has in store for the future. We can never forget how far God has brought us and how He is calling us to accomplish more for the Kingdom.

God has richly blessed BridgeWay since its founding in 2006. Since BridgeWay began meeting at Celebrations as a portable church, thousands of people have been impacted for the Kingdom. Over the last 18 months, God has continued to provide during our Lead Minister transition. Our attendance has grown by about 20%, dozens of new families have started giving financially, and we have baptized 100 people.

As we look ahead to what is next for us, we must not be complacent with God’s blessings.  We must continue to be faithful to our vision–to be a church without walls. God is leading us to accomplish two bold initiatives in the next 24 months:

  • Expanding our missions impact. We want to be a sending church that produces missionaries that serve abroad as well as locally. 
  • Completing a children’s ministry facility. To minister to the next generation and to the unchurched in our community, we need to build a proper space for children’s ministry that will allow for growth and excellence. This next phase is a part of the initial vision for our site and the time to move ahead is now.

We are taking the next step in our adventure to launch a two-year season of intentionally sacrificial and faith-filled generosity.  This is a step of faith that will impact BridgeWay Church and community for years to come.  

I challenge you to consider how you will join us on this journey.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider what it will look like for you be a steward with what God has entrusted to you. In this packet, you will get a glimpse into our shared impact and our generosity legacy as a church family. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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At BridgeWay, we have a singular vision–to be a church without walls. A singular vision requires a unified strategy to resource that vision and the goals God has set before us. This is why we are introducing the Bridge Beyond initiative.

The purpose of this initiative is to invigorate and accelerate our focus on the mission Jesus has given us. We are called to make passionate disciples of Jesus who are connecting to God, connecting to others, and connecting others to God.

Our need is to raise $4.4 million in the next two years. This will allow us to fund operations, missions, and our new children’s facility.

Our goal is for everyone at BridgeWay Church to contribute sacrificially to the need.

Project Review

Overview:  To provide excellent facilities for our children as we prepare the next generation to know about Christ and share Him with others.

Opening Date:  To be determined.  We hope to open in 2021.

Campus Development To Children’s Building Cost:  $1.8 Million


The Objectives

•   Construct the BridgeWay children’s facility on our property.
•   Continue to make improvements to our existing campus as needed.
•   We will expand and continue our missions efforts both globally and locally.

If we reach the goal, what will we do?

•   $2.25 million for general fund

•   $350,000 for missions

•   $1.8 million for the children’s facility

How much will Bridge Beyond expand our missions funding?

By approximately 25%

What about debt?

While we are open to financing if needed, our preference is to fund the entire project so that we avoid additional debt.

What if we fall short of the goal?

Our priorities are set in the following order: 1) general operating expenses 2) missions 3) a new children’s facility. In the event of a shortfall, the building project will be scaled back and/or debt will be secured to allow us to move forward.

How are we preparing for our future?

We believe that our elders and staff are well-prepared to lead us into the future. We are blessed with leaders who are gifted and God-fearing and dependent on the Holy Spirit to guide us wherever He chooses to take us.

What should I do?

Stay informed, engaged and excited for what God will be doing this fall!  Leverage your influence with people you know to share what’s coming and to answer questions.  Finally, fully engage in the process of the initiative, and even begin praying now about what God would have you and your family give to the Bridge Beyond initiative.

Will the new children’s building also be used for youth?

No; it will be designed for optimum programming and security for children.  Our students meet in our main auditorium on Wednesday nights.  We’ll give our students access to our best space so that we can maximize our current facility.

What will our total capacity with the new children’s facility?

If we increase our parking and add a third service, we could reach 1250-1400 in attendance.

Will the current HQ building be retained.

Yes.  We would maintain for offices and additional event/meeting space.

Specifically, how does the new children’s building improve safety and security?

•   Children will be in one building.

•   It will be closer to the main lobby.

•   It will be designed to lock down quickly.

•   It will be equipped with cameras to ensure safety inside and outside the building.

What is happening on the property to the west?

Toll Brothers Builders has a residential development plan.

How does the new building affect our parking.

We will lose ten spaces.

Will there be changes to the lobby?

Yes.  To maximize gathering space and to facilitate better flow in our main building, we will expand the lobby to include what is now the Gathering Room and some under-utilized space.

Where will the children go as we build the new building?

Babies- 4 year-olds will stay in their present rooms.  K-5th graders will be moved to the HQ building.

What happens if we outgrow our present location?

•   We could look at opening a second location.

•   We could pursue a church-planting strategy to create a network of independent churches.

•   We could completely relocate.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact us at

Your 2-Year Commitment

Progress on the Building!

Jarrells are leaving for Spain!

As many of you know, Jake and Stacy Jarrell and their kids will be leaving on Sunday, September 6 for Madrid, Spain. If you watched their video on our site, then you know that they have several prayer requests and I’d like to reiterate them, so that as a community we can pray for them….

Commissioning The Jarrell Family

“What if every believer just did a little bit, instead of expecting a few believers to do a lot?” Jake and Stacey shared the vision God has given them at BridgeWay last Sunday. The four fields framework of ministry is what Jesus models in scripture. They got really great feedback and several people followed up…

Haley McNeese Leaves For Mexico

  Bridgeway Church is excited to launch Haley McNeese as a full-time missionary. Haley will be leaving this week for a three-year stint to do medical missions in Samichique, Mexico. Haley is a nurse and will join other medical team members in a small hospital in the Sierra Madres that serves the Tarahumara Indian tribe….

Filling The Void

  Filling-the-Void Dallas served 150 homeless on the streets of downtown yesterday for a total of 1350 in May.

Filling The Void- Feeding the Homeless

Filling-the-Void (sponsored by BridgeWay) partnered with Antioch Church and Volunteers from there and Ambassador Staffing to serve 100 homeless folks brunch in downtown Dallas yesterday. Offering Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuits and prayers, hope and comforting words for the homeless and hurting in these uncertain and troubled times. See: for more information.

Faith Factory Has Been Moved!

The Faith Factory has been moved off our lot to make room for ground breaking!

Faith Factory Move Out

A huge thank you to everyone who came to help us empty out the Faith Factory.  It will be moved next week off our campus as we get ready to break ground for the new building.

Jarrell Family Update

Pre-field training This was 14 days of language acquistition, church planting principles, story telling, and how to share the gospel while considering different cultural values. This group we trained with will be serving in 4 different countries!

Year To Date Financials- February 2020

February 2020 Giving:  $150,407 February 2019 Giving:  $100,139 Increase:  40% increase in giving   Campaign Goal $4.2 million: 3.1.20- $412,871

Haley McNeese- Missionary Update

Haley will be in Colorado mid-February to mid-March for a comprehensive training through Mission Training International. When she returns, she will be continuing to prepare to move to northern Mexico. Several factors will play into the timeline from there, but her departure date will most likely be in late April. Haley appreciates all your prayers…

Jake & Stacy Jarrell Missionary Update

  Jake and Stacy Jarrell are a missionary family that BridgeWay Church is supporting through our ONE Fund Initiative.  Here are some updates from them: God has opened several doors for us in Madrid and we feel the Spirit is leading us to start there this summer! January 11-20 Madrid trip – We met with…

BridgeWay Men’s Advance 2020

Over 100 men attended the 2020 Men’s Advance, held January 24 and 25. Our speaker, Matt Mikalatos, spoke on the theme, “Building a Team for Life.” All of the weekend experiences encouraged our men to seek to build stronger relationships. Powerful testimonies from Casey Roberts and Travis Sweet reminded us of the importance of connection….

Celebrating a Baptism

There is nothing more exciting that beginning the year off with a baptism.  We celebrate with Jameson and his family. Matthew 28:19, 20 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I…

Children’s Facility Plan

Check out this video fly-through of our plans for the new permanent children’s facility.  We are still working through details and concept is subject to change.

Download this journey guide to find more information about the Bridge Beyond initiative.       DOWNLOAD NOW

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