bridgeway church, easter 2020


Services on

Saturday, April 11th
at 5 pm

Sunday, April 12st
at 9:30 am & 11 am


Fellowship Dinner

Saturday, April 11th
at 6:15 pm


We’ve all experienced doubt. Did Jesus rise from the dead? Does God see me when I’m experiencing difficulty? Will God provide for me? Do I have what it takes? We’ve all wrestled with these questions … and at times, all of us can be doubtful. But could it be that we’ve got it wrong when it comes to doubt? Have we misunderstood what it means to have faith? What if both faith and doubt are important when it comes to following Jesus?

Join us for Easter at Bridgeway as we begin to discover the answers to these questions with our new series, Doubtful!

Come to our Porch Party following the Saturday, April 20th service for free dinner and activities for children.

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8201 FM 407
Copper Canyon TX, 75077



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