Jake and Stacy Jarrell are a missionary family that BridgeWay Church is supporting through our ONE Fund Initiative.  Here are some updates from them:

God has opened several doors for us in Madrid and we feel the Spirit is leading us to start there this summer!

January 11-20 Madrid trip

– We met with some of our contacts on the ground (missionaries/local pastors) that we’ve been praying for regarding potential partnership. There are three churches associated with these contacts that have shown interest in discipleship training for their members. Another contact is doing great work in a refugee center where some Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) have started.

– Dwindled down our list of neighborhoods and schools (primary and language)

– Trained a group of 50 young people at an international church on 2 Cor. 5:17-21- identity, helped them form their 15 second testimony and a list of people in their lives far from God to pray over.  It went really well and they were excited to learn how to be Ambassadors for Christ.  We hope to return for more development later this fall.

Discipleship Training in Dallas

January 24 & 25th we helped lead a training on Discipleship.  In a crazy turn of events, we met two other people at this training that would like to pursue ministry in Spain in the future!  It is amazing to see God moving all around us and for us to be able to be a part of it.

Things you can continue Praying for…

– God would give us opportunities to share the gospel here in Dallas.

– God would open hearts, prepare persons of peace, and open our eyes to the harvest here and in Spain.

– God would lead us through the visa/school/apartment/moving processes with peace and clarity. Our kid’s transition is so important!