At BridgeWay, we are committed to being a church without walls. Just as Jesus presented the perfect pattern for spreading the Gospel in Acts 1:8. we will build bridges to people in 4 strategic areas: Jerusalem (our own backyard), Judea (surrounding counties), Samaria (our own nation), and the ends of the earth.


Evangelism begins at home… in our own backyard. This means going outside the church building and into our immediate neighborhoods.

We support the One Focus Initiative, in which every BridgeWay member commits to pray for, each out to, and share their faith with one person throughout the year.


JUDEA (Surrounding Counties)

BridgeWay is committed to reaching out to people who live in our “Judea” – that is, those within the eight counties that surround us.

We will continue our thriving ministry to the Salvation Army House in Dallas, where we share the hope and truth of the Gospel as we mentor the residents, who are transitioning from prison to society.

We will partner with Filling the Void ministries, taking meals and the Gospel to homeless people in Dallas and McKinney. We also distribute lunches to CCA clients in Lewisville.

SAMARIA (National Outreach)

We are committed to taking the Gospel to people in other regions of the United States.

BridgeWay supports Church Catalyst Consulting, which provides training and resources for church leaders across the country, helping to strengthen congregations and grow the kingdom of God.


THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (International Outreach)

Our commitment is to reach beyond national borders to people of all nations.

We will continue to support three families in Asia and the Middle East. At BridgeWay, we train and send members on short term mission trips, using Let’s Start Talking (LST).  Our members use this evangelism program in cooperation with our missionaries, helping people improve their English while teaching them about Jesus.

Through our support of Church Catalyst Consulting, we will help provide resources and training for church leaders in Wales, India and Nicaragua.

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